Panneau de table

Live Edge Slabs are also known as Table Top or one unglued piece or board of wood. We choose big trees with a diameter of at least one meter (40' and up) and saw it to boards in the thickness of 65, 80, 100 mm or even thicker.

Before we can kiln dry the slabs we put the in our warehouse to air dry for serveral months or even years depending on the specie. This is similar to a precious wine that need time to ripe. The slabs are ideal for unique dining tables, conference tables, office desks or even living room tables.

We stock the following species: European Oak, Horse Chestnut, Poplar Burls, Plane Tree, European Walnut, Black Walnut, Sequoia, Libanon Cedar, Bubinga, Parota / Guanacaste, Monkey Pod / Saman. Please inquire or let us know whick specie you are looking for. We will send you a detailed quote with pictures.

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Live Edge SlabsLive Edge SlabsLive Edge SlabsLive Edge Slabs
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